Monday, 2 June 2008

Highland Dance Recital

Saturday, Esther and Hannah had their highland dance recital. They both did very well! Esther participated in three dances and Hannah did one. Grace also came up at the end and bowed with the rest of the girls. She is not currently taking lessons, but loves to dance and is looking forward to starting lessons in the fall. After the dance program, each girl received their awards for the year. Esther received the Most Improved Dancer award which was voted on by all the fellow dancers. It was quite a surprise--none of us knew she was chosen! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!


Jacqueline said...

Give Esther my love and congratulations:)
Gracie and Hannah look as cute as ever.

Samantha said...

They're so cute. How long has Ester been dancing? And do you dance, Sarah?
~Samantha Reilly

Sarah said...

Jacqueline ~ I will let her know! Wish you all could have been there!

Samantha ~ Thanks for commenting! Esther has been dancing for almost two years. I took a couple years of ballet when I was younger but have never taken highland dancing lessons.

Kate said...

That looks interesting! I've never seen highland dancing before.

Sarah said...

Hi Kate! Highland Dancing is much fun to watch. You will have to attend one of the highland games this summer. Esther will be doing dancing competition at a few of them.