Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hannah's Birthday

We celebrated Hannah's sixth birthday last Saturday. Each birthday, Mom and Dad take the child out to a restaurant for a meal. Hannah chose to go out for lunch to a place called Tatanka Take-out. They specialize in buffalo meat and Hannah has always had an interest in "bison!" We celebrated as a family that evening and enjoyed Hannah's favorite dinner. Here are some pictures from her special day! For dinner she asked for jalapeno pork chops which David grilled. Thankfully, we had good weather then!This is her cake--she requested a flower design she found in a cake book. It turned out really cute!
Mom bought trick candles--this picture is before she started trying to blow them out!
She couldn't figure out why they weren't going out! She literally climbed on the table to get over top of them! I am not sure if she really appreciated the candles!
She is growing up so fast and is becoming a sweet young lady!


Stephen B said...

Rabbits and hair berets? That kid made out. :)

David should have been wearing a chef hat with his grilling, though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!!
GREAT photos!!
Mrs. R!!

Blue-eyed lass said...

Looks like she had a fun birthday!! Cute pictures :D I can't believe how much she has grown up since I first met your family!

Sarah said...

Stephen~ Thanks for the idea....I will see what I can do!

Mrs. R ~ Thanks! I enjoy taking them! Remember to bring that book Sunday! : )

Kendra ~ I know! It is truly amazing how fast they grow up!

Reilly said...

Tell Hannah Happy Birthday for us.And great pictures.

Jacqueline said...

Do you remember her last years celebration? three legged races and a sack race.!
Give her a happy birthday hug for all of us.:)

Sarah said...

Reillys ~ Thanks! I will let her know : )

Jacqueline ~ Yes, we all remembered and were thinking about last year all during her birthday! That was so fun! We miss you all! : (

Anonymous said...

WOW Sarah
Great pictures of the little miss.
I remember when I first saw Hannah
she was in the sling your mom used to wear and carry her. She at the time was the newest family member. Time sure does go by--when we are having fun!!
Great photos and fun narratives just great :-)