Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Monday, 20 October 2008

What Are Your Thoughts?

I found this interesting video this morning. It takes a few seconds to load--but it is worth the wait! Perhaps this guy is an Obama plant. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Friday, 17 October 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

Lissa tagged me! I am supposed to share 6 random things about myself. Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, write six random things about yourself, tag six or so people by leaving comments on their blogs and let the person who tagged you know that you've written the post. This will be great! Now for some random things.....

~ 1 I am related to Sherwood Bonney who settled in the Pierce County area. Bonney Lake was named after him and his wife started the first organized school in Steilacoom. They had such a large house (two rooms!) and they didn't know what to do with all the space and so the school was started! Go Figure!! :)

~ 2 I love to cook--especially gourmet and ethnic dishes. I think Thai is my favorite--right now at least!

~ 3 I am currently reading The Return of Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse and am absolutly loving it! I have become a Wodehouse fan! Thank you Cassie!! :) BTW--the Jeeves and Wooster TV show is a hoot too!

~ 4 I love politics! I attended my county convention last spring as a delegate and was the youngest from my district by about 40 years! It was a great experience and quite unforgetable--especially when the power went out! For those of you who my be wondering.....I will be voting for McCain and Palin!!

~ 5 I take a shower every day--except when camping!

~ 6 I have known Melissa her whole life and have many stories....any takers??

I am tagging:
I hope you all will participate!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Candlelight Tour 2008

Last weekend was Candlelight Tour, our first person re-enactment event. As I said in a recent post, I was not able to attend the first evening due to illness, but was very happy to be there on Saturday! It was a great time like every year! Hannah re-enacted at this event for the first time and did a wonderful job!

Rag curls took forever to put in! Here we are halfway done!

Completly finished! Looking like a rag doll!

Daniel, portraying William Tolmie. Son of Dr. Tolmie, the man in charge of the Fort. In his lovely night shirt

Esther portraying Cecila Work, the second youngest sister of Dr. Tolmie's wife. Wearing the beautiful dress Melissa made her. Hannah portraying, Mary Finlayson. Cousin of Daniel (William) and neice to Esther (Cecila).

The children with the young ladies who would be watching them for the evening.

Young Ladies--Taylor, me, Melissa, Nona and Monica

Cassie and Nona waiting for the evening to begin

Listening to people speak during the flag pole meeting

All the Pollock children doing a quick photo right before everything starts!

Must have been tired of acting like a lady!

Still looking like a little lady!

Glazed eyes--must have had too much fiddling and dancing!

"It's all over!!"

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Little Helpers

Don't you love it when little ones are such big helpers?

Monday, 6 October 2008

Sign of our Times

Last week I received my first credit card offer. Of course, I threw it out. Especially when I saw it was from Washington Mutual one of the newly bankrupt banks which no longer exists! It certianly shows the sign of our times....a bankrupt bank still trying to encourage people to spend money they don't have. When are they going to learn their lesson??

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pride & Prejudice with Commentary by Grace

Last night was the opening night of Candlelight Tour, a first person event portraying the year 1855. I was unable to attend due to illness and spent the evening with Grace. Everyone else was re-enacting! Gracie and I watched Secondhand Lions and then decided a girly movie was the next best choice. After many options, she chose Pride & Prejudice (2005) the shorter version. She told me I had to sit in the chair with her, so as we were watching, her commentary kept running. The first ball scene came on and she was breathless! With a dreamy voice she side "I love dancing. It is so funner! I think it is more funner than playmobile! You get the guys and girls together and they dance together, it is so fun!" I was laughing quietly by now!

During the next dance scene where Darcy and Lizzy are talking during the dance she asked me: "Are people supposed to talk when they are dancing?" I told her that some people do and it is perfectly fine to talk while dancing. She said "I wouldn't do that, it would make me so nervous!" After this statement she had really big eyes! It was adorable!!

At the very end when Darcy is asking Elizabeth Bennet to marry him, Grace asked "Who do you think Mr. Darcy is voting for?" I was laughing out loud at this point and told her I wasn't sure. She didn't know either! I guess coming from a pretty political family, I shouldn't have been surprised by this question! Sweet memories!