Saturday, 15 November 2008

Col. Hoganmeier and His Friends

The younger Pollock children were invited to a friends "soldier" theme birthday party. They decided that it would be really fun to dress up. So, this morning we tried to come up with military themed costumes. They all turned out really cute and I took a few minutes to take their pictures.
Col. Hoganmeier....for those Hogan's Hero's fans out there.....

Suzanne --member of the French Underground

Private First Class Pollock--Good old American!

Hannah RN--our little nurse! And last but not least...

Rosie the Riveter--"We Can Do It!"

The whole outfit--we could not get Gracie to be

Everyone smiled :)

They are still at their party.....but I am sure they are having fun. I know I had a blast putting these costumes together.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Semi-Finished Bathroom!

Our bathroom project has been semi-finished for the past month or so. It has a working toilet and sink which is a blessing. The tub and shower still need to be tiled but everything will happen in due time! Here are some pictures of the semi-finished project.

The walls are two tone brown and the white stripe will be a tile chair rail which matches the shower tiles.The light fixture is a bronze color Here is the vanity top and faucet Up-close detail on the shower curtianNew bathroom!!!

The warm brown tones and really nice. And.....just so we don't forget...

...the door is still pink! Hopefully, not for long....

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Death Comes in Three

I am sure you all have heard the saying "death comes in three." I have no idea why it works this way, but usually three people die at the same time. Well, this week we have two funerals to attend and today we had an election! This election is worth more then one death though. Pretty disappointing to have almost everyone and everything you support, die! Well, it is time to tighten the boot straps and look forward to 2012! Hopefully, over the next four years the republicans will strengthen their party and prepare a conservative candidate, someone we could all get behind and support.

We had a great time working in a couple different campaigns this year and have made many memories. I guess you could say we try to fight for lost causes! Our local senator who is running against a long time incumbent lost really bad. The numbers right now are: Debbie Regala (incumbent) 70.88% and Larry Faulk 29.12%. I am so thankful that Mr. Faulk tried! No one has even considered running against Regala for years! Perhaps someone else will take the challenge and in four years the Pollock's will have 2 more voters!!! Although, I hope we will have moved by then!

Don Benton's senate race is much closer. I am not able to find very up to date numbers, but he is losing by only 147 votes. Hopefully, they will do a re-count and declare Benton the winner! We can't lose another senate seat. I also hope Rossi can pull it off. It would be wonderful to have a republican governor for a change! Especially since they will probably try to pass legalized gay marriage this session. All we can do is pray! God is still on His throne and He knows what He is doing!