Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Welcome Home USS Stennis!

A few weeks ago, the USS Stennis arrived home after being away for six months. We thought they deserved a good welcome home and we were in need of a grand adventure! The Ng family kindly picked up the oldest 4 Pollock children and James (little ones were swimming at Grandma's house) at 5:20am. We headed out to the little town of Manchester which sits right on the water and we knew the ship would be coming through. As we approached the town we saw the ship coming with all the sailors in dress whites outlining the deck. We raced to Manchester State Park where we knew we could stand on the beach. The boys grabbed flags and a home-made banner and raced down to the water. We arrived just in time....the ship was coming around the point. With cheers, waving flags and arms we warmly welcomed them home. As the ship sailed by we jumped back into the van and drove toward Port Orchard, stopping at three more spots to wave flags. Here are some pics from that morning.