Thursday, 29 May 2008

Mice Update

Our furry friends still live here--although their population is decreasing at a rather fast rate! However, we still have sightings and we can hear them occasionally. A couple weeks ago, I was teaching a couple piano students and during the lesson I could hear squeaks coming from the piano which I was sitting at. I don't think my student noticed and I tried to act as calm as possible!

A friend from church, Mr. Rodgers, used to work with a pest company and knows all the tricks to catching rodents. He came over a couple weeks ago to look around our house and see what he could find. He found some larger size droppings and told us we also had a rat but had no idea how they are coming in because he couldn't find any holes. He gave us six large rat traps and told us to rearrange our furniture and place the traps out for a couple of nights without setting them, so the mice/rats get familiar and are comfortable with eating out of them. Each night we put different bait in each: jam, chocolate, chicken, cheese and peanut butter. They seemed to like the cheese and chicken the best. Once we set the traps, they were still able to take the bait without snapping the trap, so we realized that we had mice and they were too small to snap it! The traps that have been the most effective for us have been the glue boards. Although, I think we have caught James more then we have caught mice! As of today, we have caught six baby mice and one adult. We know there is at least one other adult, but they might have already moved on. Supposedly, you have to wait a year before you can be certain that mice have moved on for good. So, our traps are not going anywhere fast!

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