Friday, 13 June 2008

Jonathan's Rock

The other day, the boys were clearing the raspberry beds and Jonathan found a large rock. We told him the rock had probably been there since Mount Rainer blew up in 1854 and not to worry about it. Nonetheless, he was determined to get it out! Here are some pictures to show his accomplishment!

"Standing on the rock"

The hole where the rock has been all these years!

"It's so heavy"

"I am tough--I can handle it"

"Yes, man has defeated the rock"


Graydon L said...

LOL!!!! I read about this one homeschooler in Arkansas who dug a tunnel just for fun and ran into a gigantic rock! It was so big it would have been imposible to get out so he had to dig around it. Still, Great pictures :-)

-Graydon :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny pictures!

Reilly said...

Great pictures. :) :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh wow,
Big strong Jonathan;)

Sarah said...

Reillys ~ The pictures turn out because the subject loves to pose!

Jacqueline ~ Love your comment--I asked him really how heavy the rock was and he said probably 2-3lbs!!!

Stephen B said...

This guy puts me to shame. Jacqueline, come take some pictures of me digging craters in the ground too!

Anonymous said...

Okay!! you want to dig rocks come on down the hill. Have a whole back yard of them :-)