Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mice & Lawyers

We have mice and are having a difficult time catching them. In the past couple months, we have caught two and have had spaces of no activity between, but they are definitely back! We have seen signs of them in our kitchen and dining room but cannot figure out where they are coming from. I am sure they are encouraged by little boys who are enthusiastic about their food!
Last week, I had the stomach flu and had fallen asleep in the chair in our living room. I didn't realize that everyone had gone to bed and ended up sleeping in the chair. I awoke at 4am and as I was trying to get back to sleep....I heard a rustling and dinging sound somewhere close by. It was awful scary hearing this noise, knowing something was out there and yet not being able to see anything because of the dark room. I knew my mom was up because I heard her coughing so I called her and told her it sounded like something was in one of the vents. She sent my dad out who realized that the sound was coming from our piano. By this time Josiah woke up--I hadn't realized that he was sleeping on the couch. Dad turned the light on and Josiah saw something run from the vent and down our hallway, but we continued hearing the rustling and dings. So, Dad put out some traps and went to bed. I went up-stairs where I knew it would be safe! Josiah decided to stay on the couch and I kept hearing him yell out "we got it." Each time Dad would come out and check the glue trap and each time...no mouse. This happened about three times and then Josiah went to sleep!

Well, I was rather grossed out by all this and suggested that we purchase and use mouse poison. The boys (Jonathan and David) said before they did anything like that, I had to sign an affidavit. Here is a picture of what it looked like:

Let me translate: "I, Sarah, hereby recognize the fact that poisoning mice leads to unpleasant smells. As a lead proponent in the poisoning faction, I will not complain if it smells horribly.

Sign here__________________

The Hon. Wes Pinkerton AAL, THD, PHD, DDS, MD

Peter Wise AAL

Also if you notice on the bottom....the document had been "notarized!" As you can see...I did not sign it! I told them that it did not look professional in the least! I asked what AAL stood for and they told me "attorneys at law." I informed them that attorneys do not use those initials after their name and that is why Wes Pinkerton added the Hon. and the other multiple degrees! Here are a couple of pictures of our "respected" attorneys! I am sure they would be willing to help in any of your legal matters.

The Honorable Wes Pinkerton AAL, THD, PHD, DDS, MD

Peter Wise AAL


thevaguequeen said...


That's awesome!

Stephen B said...

What a vague comment, Oh queen...

That is hillarious!!!!!!! I mean, excuse me, *coughs*, what a powerful team!

SamuelY said...

I do find it funny that this is the second time in a row that Jon has gotten a, well let's just say, less than flattering picture. At this point, Sarah, I believe that you have only two options:

1) Create a whole post just on the glories of Jon with a whole slough of pictures of his regal and imposing self.


2) Make it a running gag and never, ever post a good picture of Jon, just for giggles.

Take your pick.

Public Relations Manager, MA, BA, MD, JD, ASAP...

Jacqueline said...

I knew those brothers had some genious in there somwhere, we just had to wait for the right timing before it could show itself;)

Graydon L said...

Great pic of Jon! LOL! :-D

-Graydon :-)

P.S. If they need any help signing official documents in future, have them call me up, I've done a few myself ;-)

Cassandra said...

"Another Pollock Bros. Enterprise".
: D

You know, I do need a few release forms drawn up... :-)

Wes Pinkerton said...

I believe Sarah has a lawsuit in store for her if she continues to belittle me through pictures. The wrath of Wes shall be felt!

Watch out for legal documents!

The Hon. Wes Pinkerton AAl, THD, Phd, DDS, MD...

Sarah said...

Stephen--I posted this to back up your comment that we are such a "unique" family that there is always something to post about! I thought I would share a bit of our "uniqueness!"

Wes--I see that you are so upset about me "belittling" you through pictures that you chose to use them as your profile picture!

Also, I notice that you have DDS behind your name which means you have been to dental school. It looks as though you could use a visit to the dentist yourself!

Glad you all enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

I think we have lost sight of the true problem at hand. Let us not be side-tracked from the rodent population that is slowly but surely making their home within a home! Yes, I know that attorneys have been compared to rats many times in the past. Perhaps these attorneys are actually working for the mice to buy them more time (in that case it was a very evil plan!)I suggest that this is yet another confirmation sent by God. Yes, it is time to move and sell your home. Give those rodents a false sense of security and it will be their undoing!
Mrs. Bryan representing T.R.A.P
aka "Tired of Rodents Accessing our Property"

Melissa said...

Aren't mice and lawyers the same thing ?!?! I think the picture of Jonathen is just gorgeous ! :)

see ya

PS I agree with Mrs. Bryan you NEED to move !!!! (near us!)

Sarah said...

We all agree with you about moving soon! Dad and Mom are going to look at a couple more houses tomorrow. So, keep praying!