Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cinco De Mayo

Our family chose to celebrate the "Americanized" holiday "Cinco De Mayo." Both of my parents spent time in Mexico when they were single and my father, especially, likes the food!

Mom and Dad dressed in traditional outfits they purchased on their honeymoon for a little more authenticity!

Using brightly colored tissue paper, the children created these flowers for our centerpiece and the girls also put flowers in their hair.

Our menu included: tamales, shredded pork, taco meat, refried beans, mexican rice, homemade salsa, guacamole, blue corn tortilla chips, "Mexico Flag veggies," your choice of either flour or corn tortilla, plus all the trimmings! No one left hungry!

Of course, no Fiesta is complete without a pinata! Mom and Dad set the pinata up in the garage as a surprise! Everyone had an opportunity to take a swing at it--including James! The children all loved it except Grace. She was a bit apprehensive until the candy came out and then it wasn't so bad!

Our little "senorita"

The final blow.....

The end result!

It was a wonderful evening with many memories that we will all share for years to come!


SamuelY said...

Nice blog, Sarah.

I shall look forward to hearing the exploits of you and your family as you post them.

Unfortunately, you have just committed the most heinous crime of blog template plagiarization and I shall be hard pressed to forgive you. I suppose it probably just springs from a deep admiration of MY blog and the desire to make your blog exactly like it.....

ms Evangeline said...

looks like y'all had alot of fun!!

JosephDaniel said...

Thanks for the update Sarah! Please tell my little princess senorita how wonderful she looks in those pictures.

Jacqueline said...

Great Job Sarah I love the blog:)
Looks like y'all had a wonderful time.
Love you!

Stephen B said...

HA! I love the picture of Jonathan and James - Jon trying to get that candy without killing James, and James... just going through another crazy Pollock charade, with no idea what is going on but loving it all the same!

Sarah said...

Sam-- Thanks! Sorry to have commited "plagerism." I can assure you that I will not plagerize your content!

Evangeline-- Yes, we had a wonderful time!

Daniel-- I will certainly let her know! We thought about your Mom the whole evening! : )

Jacqueline-- Thanks! Love you too!

Stephen-- Jonathan was upset I published that picture of him! I really wanted the picture of James and it just so happened that it was a really bad picture of Jonathan! This was actually Jonathan's only opportunity to hit the pinata because David obliterated it before Jonathan had his turn.

Priscilla Bittner said...

congrats on the blog,
what cute pictures Sarah!
where are you? what did you wear? I did not see you.so sad.so very sad. sniff.sniff. :)
love you!!!

Graydon L said...

Cool Blog Sarah! I got the entry to my survey and you will e happy to know that your blog is on the list.

Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your blog!

-Graydon :-)

Melissa said...

YAY !! I'm sooo glad that you finally joined the blogger world AKA 21st century!! :)

Everyone looks great !

Blue-eyed lass said...

Looks like a fun time was had by everyone! I miss all of you! Oh, and I just got a blog, but I don't know how to add people or do like anything on it yet :P

Sarah said...

Priscilla-- Someone has to take all the pictures, plan the party, cook the food etc so that everyone else can enjoy it! I did have some help! I did not "dress up" if that is what you were wondering...

Graydon-- I filled your survey thing out as a joke! Thanks for adding my suggestion though...

Melissa-- Thanks! Although I have always considered myself part of the 21st century! : )

Kendra-- Thanks! We miss you too. Congrats on your new blog--I will have to check it out...

Cassandra said...

The blog looks great! I kinda wondered why it looked familiar... LOL!
I love y'all's Cinco de Mayo tradition, it looks like so much fun!
Love you!

Victoria said...

I really liked that Mexican flag veggie plate. What is the round red circle made of? Post particulars, I'd love to copy you!

Fiddling Scotsman said...

Nice blog Sarah! Next time please put "normal" pictures of me on here. That was the lamest picture of myself I have seen in quite awhile. I wouldn't say my whole lifetime because I have seen many bad pictures of myself!!!!

Please update very soon. Your readers will become exasperated with you if you don't give them updates on our life. Hurry!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Cassandra-- Thanks! Love you too!

Victoria-- The Mexican veggie platter was snap peas, jicama and red pepper. The red circle was the top part of the red pepper which I just cut off. Quite simple, but looks great!

Jonathan-- I already mentioned that I was trying to get a picture of James and it just happened to be a bad picture of you. Sorry! In the future I will try to do better! : )

Graydon L said...

Sarah, I only put your link on my blog as a joke ;-)

See y'all on Sunday!

-Graydon :-)

P.S. thanks for adding my blog to your "friends list"!

Sarah said...

LOL! Thanks Graydon!