Thursday, 22 May 2008

Movie Night at the Ng's House

Monday evening, we went to the Ng's house to show them Mr. Bean's Holiday. We enjoyed BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs plus all the trimmings, potato salad, green salad, chips, veggies, watermelon and Daniel's lemon cake for dessert. After dinner and visiting, we watched a home video of one of our Christmas piano recitals that the Ng's had attended many years ago. Following the journey down memory lane, we watched Mr. Bean's Holiday and listened to Josh laugh through the whole movie. It is pretty funny and clean compared to other Mr. Bean shows. Many people took pictures with my camera--here are a couple goofy shots. Melissa has more on her blog.

Little Amanda looking adorable!

David goofing with my camera and not looking adorable!

Watching Mr. Bean

Eating Watermelon

Melissa playing with her new camera.


Vangie said...

Yes, I have to say that movie was quite a hoot!!

Melissa said...

That was SOOOOO Much fun !! We have to do it again when Prince Caspian come out on DVD !!!!


Stephen B said...

What kind of camera did she get?

Sarah said...

Melissa bought the Canon Rebel XTi and has taken a TON of pictures! She started a photo blog--I can't remember the URL right now...