Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Our Fourth Celebration

This year we celebrated the 4th at a friends farm. They invited a few other families as well. We spent the late afternoon visiting and fellowshipping and the boys played ultimate frisbee and airsoft. Gracie fell and scraped her nose really bad. It was so red and she looked like Rudolph! Poor thing! : )
Eating ice cream with Clara
After dinner, the older girls and some moms all sang some hymns and patriotic songs together until our voices gave out! We then all gathered outside for ice cream and to watch the fireworks display and enjoy the bonfire. I am not exactly sure what Jonny was talking about, but it must have been a BIG story!
Some of the Pollock boys in their striped shirts!Rowland ladies enjoying the show
During the show a few older ladies decided to take a walk, which turned into a gator ride in the front pasture. It was much easier to see the fireworks from there! While we were gone, one of the roman candles fell over and shot into the crowd of children, burning Esther on her leg. Thankfully, she was not hurt badly--just a very minor burn. Things could have been much worse! We were thankful for God's protection!
And, of course, no post is complete without a picture of Jonathan. I am not sure what he was doing....but he looks interested!


Anonymous said...

looks like ya,ll had fun

Graydon L said...

quick thing Sarah, the caption for the picture of Jonny (my brother, Jonny) you spelled his name "johnny", which is actually incorrect. It's spelled "Jonny"

just an FYI

-Graydon :-)

Sarah said...

I made the correction. Thanks for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...

poor grace!:O is she feeling better?
well anyway looks like you had fun!!!

britty mac said...

Looks like it was very fun! I'm glad Esther is ok, that can be scarry.

P.S. I like your new bio pic!:)

Anonymous said...

We are very sorry about Esther's injury. We have figured out measures we will take so that can't happen in the future.

Melissa said...

I think the "jail bird" look is a good look for your brothers. :) The 4th was fun even if we didn't dance!!


Sarah said...

Anonymous ~ Gracie is doing much better. Thanks for thr concern! :)

Britty Mac ~ It was much fun--hope you all had a wonderful 4th as well. Oh and glad you like the pic! :)

Anonymous ~ Esther is doing just fine and her burn was only very minor. We understand that mistakes can happen. Thank you for considereing changes for the future!

Melissa ~ Yep! They like the "jail bird" look. At least it was funny for one night!

Jacqueline said...

Isaac scraped his nose too so Gracie and he can commiserate together:)
Sounds like fun, somethings missing though... the annual PBC volleyball tournament!
Wish we could have been there.
Love you!

Stephen Bittner said...

I love the guys shirts. Very nice.
Can't believe y'all didn't dance! Y'all need to come on up and help us out with some of our new ones. A lot of them are triple longways (for three sets instead of two), so we have to pretend to have a third couple... and it gets complicated after that. :)