Monday, 21 July 2008

Busy July

The month of July has come and gone! Here are some highlights:

Saturday, July 12 ~ Mom, Jonathan, David, Esther and James attended the Skagit Highland Games in Mount Vernon. David competed in piping and placed 5th, Esther competed in dancing and placed 1st, 2nd and 4th and was the best dancer overall in her category and won the aggregate trophy!

Monday, July 14 ~ Beginning of Fort Nisqually history camp. Josiah attended I helped. Jonathan and Graydon were also helping with camp and stayed with us for the week which was enjoyed by all!

While at camp, the rest of the Pollock boys went shooting with some friends in the afternoon and we all attended a surprise birthday party for Mr. Allen that evening.

Tuesday, July 15 ~ More camp--we had a really interesting group of kids this year. One of which was a wannabe gang member. During the calligraphy class--writing with feather and ink, this kid was making graffiti! Very strange for a history camp!

Wednesday, July 16 ~ I stayed home and Jonathan went in my place. Jonathan was responsible for one of the troublemakers. He had to follow him around and keep him in line. This camp usually isn't that difficult. I felt sorry for the kids who were there to learn and are not used to a "school" environment!

Thursday, July 17 ~ Last day we helped with camp and everything seemed to go better. The "gangster" child did not show up--I guess he didn't like people telling him what to do--pretty sad.

After camp we packed the van and headed to Portland, arriving at our destination around 10:30pm.

Friday, July 18 ~ The boys went berry picking with our grandparents. Mom and Dad had meetings with important people about my grandparents estate so I stayed at my grandparents house with the rest of the girls.

Later, the most of the family headed to the community college(venue for the Portland Highland Games) to set up our booth. When they arrived back home, dinner was ready including a fresh marionberry cobbler!

Saturday, July 19 ~ Portland Highland Games

Morning was very cool, but the afternoon warmed up nicely--enough to make some of us crispy!! The protocol is pretty much the same as the Tacoma games. The difference being the size and distance between the main field and the clan tents and athletics. Here are some pics from the games. (Photos taken by various Pollock children)

Sunday, July 20 ~ We went to church as usual. David and Josiah went to the air show with the Langfords after church.

Hannah lost her second tooth--she lost the first on Tuesday! At this rate she should be toothless by the end of August!
Our computer died--thankfully, we were able to save all our info off the hard drive. So, for most of the week we were without a computer! Thankfully, Mom recently purchased a laptop for her personal use, but now shares it with all of us!
Saturday and Sunday, July 27 & 28 ~ Seattle Highland Games in Enumclaw
Special post about these games coming soon!
July 28 - Aug 1 ~ I worked at Fort Nisqually where I am emplyed during the summer. I had never worked a whole week before which was a new experience! I enjoy interpreting and love to meet tourists from all over, but was thankful for Saturday when I could spend family time again!
Four of these days, Esther attended a history themed day camp there and Jonathan and David came to assist. Everyone had a great week!
Hopefully, our summer will slow down just a bit. What has happened to the "lazy days of summer?"


Graydon L said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean, Sarah! I have had a crazy summer! Not quite as crazy as yours, but still very busy!


Stephen Bittner said...

"More men in kilts ahead"... Hilarious!!!

Great post - what was Jonathan doing on his fiddle?

britty mac said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been busy! But it also sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Sarah said...

To answer Stephen's question.... Jonathan was playing on his fiddle and he played well enough to place 3rd!!

Jacqueline said...

Wow, sounds like quite the summer :)
Hope y'all have a great camping trip this year... (but don't have too much fun with out us)
Love you~

Eccentric Artist said...

Actually, Sarah, I was not competing at the time that picture was taken. I was in a fiddle workshop with Ryan McKasson, one of the #1 Scottish fiddlers in this country! It was incredible! The three songs he taught us were sooooo much fun to play and he put so much energy into the songs as well.

I was too relaxed in the picture for it to be the competition!