Thursday, 10 July 2008

Obama and Generation Joshua

In an effort to direct the enthusiasm from Catholic and Evangelical youth, the Obama campaign decided to start a group and call it the Joshua Generation Project. Currently, there is a group called Generation Joshua ( which was established for conservative, pro life, homeschoolers to encourage them to become active in political campaigns, which have been quite successful! The umbrella organization, Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) contacted the Obama campaign to notify them of the invasion of their trademark and title. The campaign acknowledged that HSLDA has the rights to Generation Joshua. Here is a quote from the Obama reply:

“Please know that the Campaign respects the intellectual property of others and wants to avoid any unnecessary confusion. As you may already know, the Campaign is no longer planning on using the ‘Joshua Generation Project’ name or any other confusingly similar name in the future. We appreciate you informing us of HSLDA’s marks.”


Stephen Bittner said...

It's strange that the Obama campaign used that phrase. They knew that it would have to be retracted. Typical Liberal, I guess... who knows wht goes inside those heads of theirs?

(Fantastic picture of Jonathan there in your profile picture, by the way. He should cut himself out with picasa and make it his new profie picture.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is getting dated, need some new material.