Wednesday, 11 March 2009

James 2nd Birthday

James celebrated his 2nd birthday last week. It is pretty amazing to think that 2 years of his life have already come and gone! Time does fly by!

We actually celebrated on two different days. Our grandparents came to visit the day before his real birthday, so we celebrated with them and had a family celebration on his real day. Here are some pictures:Opening his present from Grandpa and Grandma"Clothes: It's what I've always wanted!"He needed help opening this oneWhat could it be?His very own tool box!He put it to work right away--trying to fix the broken box!All the pieces

Yummy cupcakes!

The first bite...

The next day, we had a small family celebration. I made a farm cake and we kind of made everything a farm theme. He had a great time and could not wait for the cake!

Having a "bubble bath!"

Waiting for dinner...

His new shirt from Grandma. Very appropriate!

Another present...

Army clothes!

His siblings enjoyed his new toys as well!

The farm cake

He had been practicing blowing for a long time and was ready to do it for real!

A rather large bite!

The tired birthday boy!


Elizabeth said...

James looks so cute. I can hardly believe that he is two!!

Kate said...

How fun! It looks like he had a great birthday. :)

SamuelY said...

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

Looks like James had a wonderful second birthday, even though I did find the pink bib to be somewhat disturbing (a feeling that James seems to share...).

Stephen Bittner said...

Great post - the pictures are fantastic. :)

Love the cake - where'd y'all get it?

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! He did have a great birthday!

Sam ~ I was wondering who would comment about the pink bib! James is pretty secure in his manliness and it doesn't seem to bother him! :)

Stephen ~ Thanks! I actually made the cake. We found a bunch of small farm animals at the store which I just arranged on top. The "grass" is coconut dyed green and the "hay" is coconut dyed yellow.

Holston Family said...

I love the cake Sarah, it looks so professional!

Nice pictures!

-Sarah H.

SamuelY said...

Well I'm pretty secure in my manliness too, but that doesn't mean that I need to put flowers in my hair or go running around in weird colored skirts. (Oh, ouch)

Sorry, couldn't resist.