Wednesday, 25 February 2009

ER Visit with Grace

Yesterday, while Mom and Dad were at chemo, Grace fell and gashed her forehead pretty bad. She came to me, covered in blood and blood still gushing from her head. I realized that head injuries tend to bleed a lot but I also felt that this was a bad one!

Thankfully, Mrs. Raymond was here dropping off a dinner for our family and offered to help in any way. After talking to my mom on the phone, we decided to take her to the ER. So, we scooped her up and Mrs. Raymond drove us to the ER. We arrived, and the waiting room was pretty full--what's new for Mary Bridge! I had to deal with a bureaucratic check-in woman who was really rude--I was already pretty worked up and she made things so much worse! We then waited for an hour, the whole time getting stares. I am sure people were wondering how we were all related and why is that woman wearing an apron! In all the hurry, Mrs. Raymond was still wearing her apron!

We were then called back for vitals and saw the triage nurse, who thought I was Gracie's Mom. : ) She told us it would be a long wait, but 20 min later they took us back to a room. We then saw another nurse who checked her all out and put some numbing medicine on the wound. She told us it had to sit there for 20 minutes. She asked Grace if she had taken anything and Grace informed her she had taken some Arnica. I was cringing--knowing that homeopathic doesn't go over too well in the hospital. The nurse told her that it was great stuff and had been telling someone about it just recently. I was so thankful! A few minutes later, a student came in and did the same examinations and asked all the same questions--"How did this happen?" "Are you Mom (to me)?" "Where is Grace's Mom?" I don't know how many people listened to Grace's heart, examined her body and asked her how she got her cut. She was an excellent trooper and let everyone poke and prod! I felt like telling them to leave the poor girl alone! After everything she already went through, she did not need everyone bothering her.

About an hour later, the Dr. finally came in with the student. Turns out the Dr. was one we had seen years before--that trip she asked Mom and I if we were Amish! :) I am sure she again thought something was wrong with us. You probably don't see ladies in skirts and modest dress in the ER very often! After the string of questions again and wondering how I could be the sister when we looked so much alike, (I felt like giving them a little lesson on genetics--sisters have the exact same genetic make-up, whereas the mother would only have half the same genetics as the daughter. So, there is a pretty good chance that sisters would look alike! ) and comments on how Grace is so adorable, they finally put their stuff together and got down to business.

Grace is so highly sensitive and I am sure some of the numbing medicine had worn off because of the length of time, so each time they tried to irrigate, she would jump. They paused the irrigation and injected more numbing medication. After that she seemed to not feel as much. The Dr. pulled out all her supplies and sewed up the wound. It took eight stitches and Grace was pretty worn out when everything was done. The Dr. told me to apply Arnica oil, which I could purchase at a health food store, and Basatracin to the wound as much as possibly. She told me the oil is really healing and should help with the scar! So, perhaps the medical community is now seeing some good in the homeopathic remedies! The Dr. offered stickers--wondered if she would like Dora or Scooby Doo stickers. Grace looked at her blankly and said she didn't know. The Dr. asked if she watched TV, I told her no. Grace was then offered an Otter Pop, which she refused and the Dr. mentioned how she was a strange child! :) So here we were, a cute little girl who does not watch TV, refuses popsicles and was extremely polite, coming to the hospital with her sister who was wearing a skirt and was femininely and modestly dressed and the family friend who was also modestly dressed and wearing an apron! I was wondering what they all thought!

I was so thankful to be done and walk out of there! I really hate the hospital and don't like spending any time there at all. I now have another story to tell and it was some really good bonding time for Grace and I. It was a challenge to overcome my fear of blood and injury, but as I look back on everything, I realize I was operating on adrenalin and the strength of the Lord. He is able to give us grace and strength to address any situation.


Holston Fam said...

Sarah and Grace,

Praise God you were able to get in in a small amount of time!

We will all be praying that Grace will feel better and that her wound will heal.

See you in a few days,

Sarah H.

Laura said...

Wow, what an ordeal to go through! The first time I went to visit Jon in ICU after his wreck, I had to go through the ER. Believe me, I felt like fainting, and there wasn't much going on!:-P

Btw, I sent an invitation for my blog to your family email address. I meant to send it to you, but I didn't have your email. If you'd like a personal invite, please email me! Though there's nothing much going on at my blog:-)

Bright Hope said...

Poor Grace! Sounds like she handled it very well though. Hope she's doing better!
~Britty Mac

lissawi said...

What an experience! I hope she is feeling better soon and I'm so glad your friend was there to help!

lissawi said...

Oh, forgot to say...

I love your new banner!

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your comments. She is doing much better. We are just praying that she will do well when we have them pulled.

Sarah said...

Laura ~ I would love to see your blog! I don't have your e-mail address. Could you include it in a comment and I promise I won't publish it!

Stephen Bittner said...

I can tell you what they thought - "These people are weird. really weird. My goodness they were weird. Hey everyone! Listen to this..."

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Good Job and adrenalin does kick in right along with the faith that all will be well and work out as it is planned. Please do not be to hard on nurses.They really are doing what they are told, all 3001 questions. You hear it a few times while you are at the hospital, you don't have to repeat those same questions over and over and over....all day, but from what I understand it is meant as a safety precaution. Some people do some pretty silly things and the stories change,Hospitals like the straight stories. Knowing what medicines you take is a big one :-) Job well done hope Grace is feeling better.