Saturday, 15 November 2008

Col. Hoganmeier and His Friends

The younger Pollock children were invited to a friends "soldier" theme birthday party. They decided that it would be really fun to dress up. So, this morning we tried to come up with military themed costumes. They all turned out really cute and I took a few minutes to take their pictures.
Col. Hoganmeier....for those Hogan's Hero's fans out there.....

Suzanne --member of the French Underground

Private First Class Pollock--Good old American!

Hannah RN--our little nurse! And last but not least...

Rosie the Riveter--"We Can Do It!"

The whole outfit--we could not get Gracie to be

Everyone smiled :)

They are still at their party.....but I am sure they are having fun. I know I had a blast putting these costumes together.


lissawi said...

Those are so adorable! What a fun theme for a party!

britty mac said...

What a great idea! That is so fun! Those pictures great!

Melissa said...

How cute!!! I have to say my favorite is Gracie, oh excuse me Rosie! "We can do it".... I mean everybit of that!

MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh, what fun! Gracie is so funny! And Miss Ester is just so serious about it all too!


Graydon L said...

Gracy's costume is GREAT!!! LOL!!!

Oh, and Hogan's Heroes rocks too

Anonymous said...

I like Suzanne's outfit the best, but Rosie's very cute, too. By the way, have you visited my blog? Here's the address:
Please visit it and tell me what you think. :)

Sarah said...

Lissa ~ Thanks! I guess they all had a great time at the party!

Brittany ~ Thanks! They had so much fun dressing up!

Melissa ~ Yes, I will have to say Gracie's costume was my favorite as well! She thought it was great when everyone at the party called her Rosie as well!

Graydon ~ I knew you would appreciate the Hogan's Heroes theme! Thanks for the comment.

Nona ~ Thanks for the comment! Yes, they all take their dressing up seriously! :)

Stephanie ~ Glad you liked the costumes. Yes I have visited your blog several times and have commented. I even have it linked on my friends list. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

How Qute!

Graydon L said...

Hey, Sarah! I Tag You. Go to my blog for details

ReillyClan11 said...

Those are so cute!! I can't say how like the most they are all very nice/cute costumes. :)

Stephen Bittner said...

Brilliant. Love the costumes. :)