Monday, 20 October 2008

What Are Your Thoughts?

I found this interesting video this morning. It takes a few seconds to load--but it is worth the wait! Perhaps this guy is an Obama plant. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.


SamuelY said...

Well, I had two thoughts, really:

It is hard to judge the complete reaction to the man's campaigning just by the clips presented in this video. The editor was obviously trying to give the impression that the man's efforts were fruitless and met with only resistance as well as the campaigner and his team being of a rather shady nature.

I can guarantee you that there was SOME positive response to the Obama-Muslim campaigning. So, to see a video that shows exclusively the negative reaction tells me that there is a bias at work here.

As to making Obama's religion a major issue of this election at all, I would say that we should give him the same treatment as any candidate for office. However, I would say that we shouldn't be making a special issue of any perceived Islamic ties. The issues he stands for says volumes more about his religion than anything he could say. It is a much better move to make an issue about the issues Obama stands for rather than any perceived religious ties that may or not be true.

Graydon L said...

Great point, Sam!

That's what I was thinking; Whenever you're watching any sort of narrative or documentary, you have to keep in mind that the director is the one who decides what you do and do not see, so his views are what you are going to end up hearing.

As for Obama's religious ties, I didn't like the guy to start with so it's not a big issue for me anyway :-)

Melissa said...

I totally agree with the other people in the video! He was NOT doing McCain a favor with those bumper stickers! Grr makes me mad!!!

BTW I tagged you!