Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pride & Prejudice with Commentary by Grace

Last night was the opening night of Candlelight Tour, a first person event portraying the year 1855. I was unable to attend due to illness and spent the evening with Grace. Everyone else was re-enacting! Gracie and I watched Secondhand Lions and then decided a girly movie was the next best choice. After many options, she chose Pride & Prejudice (2005) the shorter version. She told me I had to sit in the chair with her, so as we were watching, her commentary kept running. The first ball scene came on and she was breathless! With a dreamy voice she side "I love dancing. It is so funner! I think it is more funner than playmobile! You get the guys and girls together and they dance together, it is so fun!" I was laughing quietly by now!

During the next dance scene where Darcy and Lizzy are talking during the dance she asked me: "Are people supposed to talk when they are dancing?" I told her that some people do and it is perfectly fine to talk while dancing. She said "I wouldn't do that, it would make me so nervous!" After this statement she had really big eyes! It was adorable!!

At the very end when Darcy is asking Elizabeth Bennet to marry him, Grace asked "Who do you think Mr. Darcy is voting for?" I was laughing out loud at this point and told her I wasn't sure. She didn't know either! I guess coming from a pretty political family, I shouldn't have been surprised by this question! Sweet memories!


Melissa said...

Dad said Mr. Darcy is voting for Obama od course!!

I say Mr. Darcy is english and can't vote!!

That is to funny! I told you she is JUST like you!! ;)

ReillyClan11 said...

She is soooo cute. Was that the frist time she ever watched the movie? By the way are you going to be able to any of the Candle Light tour? I am sorry you did not get to go? :(:( Oh and I agree with Melissa,that he did not vote. :)

Meg said...

Oh...I didn't realize you did not get to go to Candlelight. That must have been a disappointment! But it sounds like you and Gracie had a fun girly time instead! ;-)

Stephen Bittner said...

Since Darcy is such a oppinionated person and has such a strong personality type, I would say that he would vote for the constitution party. Fantastic post! :)

Sarah said...

Melissa ~ What do you mean she is "just like me?" I never wondered who Mr. Darcy was voting for!

Samantha ~ Gracie has seen Pride and Prejudice many times. SHe was just very vocal this time! Yes, I was able to go on Saturday night. Thanks for the comment.

Meg ~ I was actually able to attend on Saturday, so it wasn't a huge disappointment. I was so thankful to have a wonderful time with Grace!!

Stephen ~ You are so funny!! :) I think Mr. Bingley would be a Constitution guy before Mr. Darcy!!

britty mac said...

That is so cute! Both of those are really good movies. Sorry you were sick. :(