Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Life in the Midst of Chaos

Those of you who have visited us before probably remember the pink bathroom. The pink is now all gone and here are some pictures from a week ago. It now has walls and primer paint and the project is coming together slowly. However, in the meantime eleven people are using one bathroom. It can be rather difficult at times or shall we say character building!!


Stephen Bittner said...

Reminds me of our house in OK... that was a massive project. Completely renovated is an understatement. Anyway, make sure to repaint the bathroom pink. I hear that pale pink is a popular Mexican house color. :)

Jacqueline said...

YAY!! new bathroom for the Pollocks!
Wish we could be there to help y'all:)
Love and miss you lots!

Stephen Bittner said...

I really like the new template - nice music too. Because your blog will never be as good as mine, I'll give you an "A -" ,wich is an incredible score considering that it's coming from the professional. :D

Kate said...

I like your new background music! :)