Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I Voted!

Well, I am currently watching the numbers as the primary ballots are being counted and thought I would post. I voted today in my first presidential election! I have waited my whole life for this day and am very excited for November! I feel this primary has been pretty favorable to republicans and there are a few really close races that should be fun to watch over the next few months. I am not really favorable to the new "Top 2 Primary" and a few of our local races (since we are in a liberal area) will have two democrats facing off in November. This primary gives republicans really no chance at all in our district.

I finally heard from one of the other SPI candidates, John Blair. Here is what he said:

"Sarah,I would everything in my power to oppose it. I don't know the legal basis in CA but I hope it does not obtain in WA." jb

You would think that if you were serious in running for office, you would try to be a bit professional. At least sign your name properly!


Melissa said...

Congrats Sarah!! You really have been waiting your whole life for this!!

Maybe the guy didn't sign his name because it wasn't really him, so if whoever it was signed John Blair's name that would be internet fraud!! :)


Graydon L said...

Congradulations, Sarah!

I wish I could vote

-Graydon :-)